Aquasfera and our "SafeGate"

The opening of „Aquasfera” - the Olsztyn swimming and recreation centre - took place on 2 March 2012.

Apart from the development of the website and a coupon generation service allowing access to the opening night at Aquasfera, we were there personally during the first hours the centre was visited by the citizens of Olsztyn.

We supported the organisers during the first day after the opening of the centre with our "SafeGate” user authorisation and verification system.

The system and our presence provided smooth access as we set up two workstations, a server and an independent WiFi network. In 4 hours we managed to verify over 450 coupons, detect 1 forger and 5 people who attempted unauthorised access to the swimming centre.

Over 240 people were verified in the first 20 minutes.

Our team was immortalised in the photographs featuring in media.,Aquasfera-otwarta-cz-III,666417.html