Warsaw, 27 March 2009

Partnership for the Road Safety (Partnership) is conducting projects being aimed at an improvement in the safety in the road traffic in Poland. The Internet is one of the most important communication channel, which the Partnership is announcing its action by. 

Since March 2007 to today the Partnership is cooperating with the Nettom company which is a reliable and reliable contractor. For the first time we collaborated above the project and World Week of the road safety (April 2007) which required fast and professional preparing an interesting directed website for young people. The project closed with the success, of Nettom also thanks to the tool prepared by the team.

This good experience caused that we had decided to undertake the permanent cooperation, commissioning to the company Nettom the workmanship and the handling of the service of our Association. His action is leaning for functional and straight in administering CMS system, enabling the simple expansion of the party. He has the newsletter integrated system which enables the permanent communication with internauts visiting our party for us among others. I would like to add that the Nettom team very much quickly reacted, at every need of the alteration of the service. With the entire belief I can recommend everyone services carried out by the Nettom company with the one which expect novel solutions and the service opened to current needs.