Our company


We are a successful company functioning since 1997. We specialize in the development and completion of multifaceted projects in what is widely understood as IT. We offer innovation, creative and new approaches and at the same time are not afraid to back up substantial experience by using tried and trusted solutions. We are not afraid of challenges – ‘impossible’ is not in our dictionary.

How do we work

We offer a multiple-stage mode of project completion, from design to creation, to initiation and analysis of results. Our goal is to create innovative IT solutions tailored to customer needs.

  • We use reporting and management systems.
  • We monitor changes in our programming by using SVN software systems.
  • We offer post-warranty technical support under separate agreements.
  • We guarantee security of all data.
  • Progress in project work is recorded daily.
  • Data is recorded in code.
  • We offer a guarantee on completed projects.

We only use original Adobe Creative Suite 6, CorelDraw, Windows from XP Pro to Windows 8, Mac OS X 10.8 software. Our computers are regularly updated when it comes to hardware and software.

Our testing stations are equipped with practically all available web browsers and operation systems available from Linux to mobile devices based on older iOS 4.2 to 6, Android from 2.2 to 4.0, Blackberry 6 and 7.


  • An employment contract with all employees.
  • A contract of confidentiality also for NETTOM employees.
  • NETTOM values long-term collaboration.

We have at our disposal 6 pre-production and production servers located both in our office, in Cracow and France. The total capacity of all our projects for 2012 exceeded over 1.5TB - over 1500 GB of data.


Our office

The office and its furnishings are insured and in the event of an emergency, NETTOM is able to quickly re-establish work stations as well as lost data. We also ensure our furnishings and installations comply with the Labour Law.


Nettom spans the world of business, advertising and IT. We specialise in the design of IT programmes, ranging from simple webpages to webpage portals, internet ‘shops’, to complex company management systems (CRM, ERP).

Our experience allows us to exploit a whole range of technologies. Over 500 projects in our portfolio equates to the best and most effective results. We offer consultancy in projects that will get the most out of the technologies we have created.

Our applications are multi-dimensional; joining techniques and technologies of programming, we process data and applications to meet the needs of even the most demanding of clients.

We believe in transparency – informing our clients at every stage of work as to its progress.

We specialise in SAAS (Service as a Software) applications, which can be accessed through the Internet and allow to maximise universal access. These applications are part of cloud computing systems now in vogue.

We place special emphasis on application effectiveness of our products, which must be intuitive in design. W use Scrum/Agile software development methodology, allowing our products to be initiated with maximum speed and precision.

We have worked actively on internet systems since 1997.

From the very beginning the company is managed by its owners achieving a 20-percent growth of its revenues annually.

We are committed to organic growth and a self-learning organisation - with the use of knowledge and competence of the whole team the effect of synergy is clear and measurable.


We are not subsidized and our credit liabilities account merely for 5% of our annual revenues. As at 11 March 2012, over the last 7 years the value of projects related in any way to EU grants amounted to 6.25% of the revenues.


The core of our business is based on our own, long-standing experience and the competence of our carefully  selected employees. We recruit them personally and train during the subsequent stages of induction into the company's organisation and culture.


All recruitment is treated very seriously and we do not take chances when hiring new staff members. We value long term collaboration with people who are of importance to us.


Our annual investments exceeding 20% of revenues ensure sustainable growth.


We mostly work for clients for whom the result of our work brings real profits.


The applications and systems we develop are used by our clients for many years and can be modified depending on the market situation as well as varying needs and environment.


We like to feel needed and are keen to follow undertakings of our clients to know when they can expand their business with the use of our products. We are constantly recommended to other companies.