The website present the wholesale and retail elements of the screw and fasteners. Categorization simplifies the search for interesting products, and dedicated to this service content management system allows to modify the information contained on the site.


The aim was to create a site with offer the highest standards for web applications.  Thanks to correct positioning, the website can be seen to   new clients, and the various tools available on the site make it easier for users to browse the page and encourage clients to use services of Yurop company. 

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SEO and W3C

During creating the service, we were taking care about code compatibility  with W3C standards, and proper site positioning. Metatags, headings, links, images and other elements on the site, are specially designed so that search engines could get as much information about the content of the page and qualify the website for the most relevant search results. 



Homepage adjusts its width to the width of the browser window for easy viewing on monitors with different resolutions.

The product can be added to the shopping basket offer inquiry. Before ordering, you can also use the module for calculating the value of the product depending on the parameters and the number of elements.

Conversion norms DIN and PN

Service also has a conversion tool to DIN PN norms and vice versa, making it easier for users to find interesting products.

Calculating mass of products

Since each product can occur in various parameters (diameter, length), calculating the weight module displays the price for a certain amount of the product to user-specified parameters.


Administration is held through cms system specially created for this service. The display order of product categories can be changed and the categories can be hidden. All categories and products have names and descriptions translatable into many languages.


Newsletter module allows you to send additional information and special offers for registered customers. Users during the registration can decide which categories of information they would like to receive.