For one of the largest dairy groups in Poland we created a web portal. The whole was based on the Typo3 content management system.


The service was created to simplify contact and show trade offer for all clients, who are interested in the cooperation with the dairy company.

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System modules

Apart from basic functions of Typo3, the service has some few additional modules:

  • news,
  • gallery,
  • products list,
  • advanced products searcher,
  • orders,
  • contact form.

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Because the module of the news has the peculiar structure a we had to apply the individual news system. The module has basic functions of managing add/edit/dalete/hide news. A way of showing him in the service is an individualaity.

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The module has possibility to create albums with description. To each album are loaded photos and they are listed in front page.

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Products list

Each of products is assigned to a few groups. There are 3 groups: producers, categories, subcategories. The whole is connected with itself. Thanks to the intuitive "trees" of connections, user is able quickly to select his needs. Additionally every product has the information about itself i.e. weight, state, date of the usefulness etc.

Advanced products searcher

We created searcher for easy way to find products.  Filtering products is held after the name of producer, the category, the subcategory and the EAN number. Thanks to AJAX technology filters of searching are narrowing depending on chosen criteria. The result of search is products list, paged depending on system settings.

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The service has module to order products. The query form has AJAX system of adding and deleting products. Additionally every field before sending, is being checked with respect to the correctness. The whole is sent to the e-mail address of the administrator and written in the system.

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Contact form

Appling contact form is supposed to facilitate the contact with the owner of the portal. The user don't need to have the own e-mail address to getting in touch with the service. Thanks to applying different fields, the user can elaborate his query what the contact and answering will facilitate.

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