Activity outside the company

Summary of the 20th Great Orchestra finale.

April 5, 2012


After the finale of the 20th Great Christmas Charity Orchestra there was a summary fund-raising meeting. The Great Orchestra Foundation collected over 50 million PLN. In Olsztyn alone, it raised almost 370,000 PLN, thus exceeding the previous record by 50,000 PLN.

As one of the sponsors of this fund-raising, Nettom was invited. We received official thanks for creating a website, thanks to which it was possible to monitor the accomplishments of volunteers in Olsztyn as well events organised for this event on the Internet.

We are proud that we could help in this charity drive as best we can and the words ‘This success is to a large extent one of Nettom’s help!’, are for us the best reward.

Academic Business Incubator (ABI).

March 21, 2012


Invitation: ‘Already on 21.03.2012 we shall initiate the first MIXER seminar at the ABI, the University in Olsztyn. Mixers are another element of the ABI project 2.0, which is based on helping beginning entrepreneurs learn from experts. The first guest shall be the founder and Managing Director of Nettom, Tomasz Ziajka’.

Comment after the seminar: ‘The first Mixer has just finished. Almost a week gone now when the ‘old hands’ of business met with young eager ‘business pups’. The positive atmosphere was attested to by the fact that the officially scheduled 60 minutes turned into a two-hour lively discussion of the IT sector in Olsztyn set against present market trends’.

National Career Week

October 20, 2012


On 20 October 2012 students met with MD Tomasz Ziajka from Nettom in Olsztyn during National Career Week. The talk on the pros and cons of running your own business met with a lot of interest from the youngsters.

‘The aim of the meeting was to show young people the possibilities of achieving vocational success through their own work and self discipline as well as through channeling their passions and interests. Zaijka presented his own career path, in particular his professional development in IT – as a programmer and creator of websites for clients in Poland and France’.

‘MD Ziajka in his approach, has shown that starting your own business gives you the opportunity to develop your business, particularly in IT. After the talk, our guest speaker spoke individually with students who hope to start a career in IT. Perhaps our ‘IT diamonds’ shall in the future do an apprenticeship in this company – or indeed perhaps their first job there?’

Workshops for students of Year 10 at the IT School.

December 12, 2011


On 12 December 2011 students of Year 10 at the IT School took part in workshops conducted by Tomasz Ziajka, MD of Nettom.

The meeting conducted by Tomasz Ziajka aimed at familiarising students with the principles of a modern IT company’s functions. The youngsters were divided into groups according to their predispositions of personality and skills, interests and competencies. A simulated company dealing with subject websites was created, which the students managed. The project aimed at creating a website for a cucumber farmer. The various sections of the company were to prepare a complete project that used the latest IT. After completing the project, the guest entrepreneur analysed the work with the pupils, emphasising the positive conceptual solutions of the team and suggested what should be taken into account in the project so as to fulfill the needs of the client. Tomasz Ziajka also helped the youngsters become aware that an important factor in IT work is having the necessary IT qualifications. Nonetheless, key competencies in this profession were the so called ‘soft skills’ such as working in teams, communication, coping with stressful situations and the ability to learn quickly. According to Jolanta Senkowska, vocational consultant: ‘The methodology behind the project, taking into account problem-solving tasks, develops creative thinking and engages all the students to work and study, constituting the basis of acquiring vocational skills’.

European Days of Promoting Entrepreneurship Among Young People.

October 12, 2011


‘(...) Eugeniu Lisic from Romania and Tomasz Ziajka, Poland (Olsztyn) spoke about their respective roads to professional success. The latter, who runs an IT website company, is known for creating the portal ‘Mazury - Nature’s Miracle’, which received numerous awards for inventiveness and promotional concepts’.

Days of academic entrepreneurship in Olsztyn "Your own firm – from concept to success"

December 03-05, 2009

Your own firm – from concept to success:
Internet tools for selling products and company promotion.
"Free tools that help in creating company image.
Introduction to positioning

Tomasz Ziajka,
owner of NETTOM.
Graphic design, functionality, website content,
Tomasz Ziajka,
owner of NETTOM.
Introduction to creating company image on the Internet
Tomasz Ziajka,
owner of NETTOM.
04/12/2009, friday, 16.15-17.45 
Biblioteka Uniwersytecka, s. 116 
ul. Oczapowskiego 12B
05/12/2009, saturday,10.00-11.30 
s. 130 
ul. Bydgoska 33
04/12/2009, friday, 11.00-12.30 
Auditorium Maximum 
Al. Wojska Polskiego 13