Working with agencies

We are open to cooperation with interactive and advertising agencies. We take on the burden of tasks assigned to us. You can trust us the final project will be complete and delivered on time. We operate under the White Label model – we are invisible to the end customer.

Forms of cooperation:

Background support

The Agency has the power to cooperate with clients, create functional documentation, advance projects and implement them with a client. Then we do not need to have contact with end clients.


This form is recommended at the beginning of cooperation when we get to know each other and the level of confidence in us may be insufficient to work more closely together.

Comprehensive sub-contracting

We operate 100% in the background, we sign confidentiality agreements, we act as if we were employees of the Agency - this solution is ideal when the powers of the Agency are too limited to carry out the project and the number of projects that slip by is growing.

  • Working 100% in background supportof the agency
  • Contacts with the customer
  • Confidentiality agreements with the agency
  • Our know-how, experience and competences are included in the area of the agency
  • The agency receives praise and testimonials from new satisfied customers and we enjoy recognition from the agency

Purchase of ready-made solutions on a license basis

NETTOM produces ready-made solutions sold on license:

  • Employment Offices, City Council websites and Local Government webpage portals
  • Internet businesses
  • e-Commerce management
  • Management systems for companies and schools
  • Marketing tools
  • Coupon generation and service software systems
  • Electronic newsletters
  • Questionnaire and survey systems
  • Internet web pages content management
  • Text messaging competition systems

More information can be found on the ‘Offer’ page

The scope of cooperation:

  • negotiation procedures,
  • tenders,
  • completion of commissioned tasks,
  • acceptance of work,
  • audits.


You can trust NETTOM. We have vast experience in project support for advertising agencies, in particular when help is required in more complex work. We work on an ongoing basis for agencies in Hamburg, Paris, Warsaw and others.


We can be contacted on: 500 294 194