E-entrepreneur is a platform which is an extensive directory of companies operating within the municipality, county or other political subdivision, allowing communication between entrepreneurs and the Authority. Dialogue is made possible by the tools implemented in the system:


  • instant messaging (chat) promotes easy and above all fast contacting businesses, benefiting from the system, with each other as well as interviews with the staff of the Authority,
  • electronic workflow module allows you to send an application, applications, inquiries to the Office via the application form - all correspondence within the declaration is done by the system, so that the history of the case is available to any authorized person and can be easily traced,

The platform is also a database of companies that enter your details into the system receive its own web address under the domain and website (business card), available in several templates (systems) of the content. The Authority shall have full control over content introduced by entrepreneurs - each newly created business card must be verified and approved by an employee of the office, including any amendment made by the top-down business is waiting for approval.