Social service in Web 2.0 technology. The main subject of the portal is creating the unusual portrait of people inhabiting the entire Earth. The portal was introduced to the president of France Nicola Sarkozy. The service is also multilanguage. Applied solutions allow for translating the service into all languages of world both by administrators as well as normal users.

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The service target is to get a large community from around the world, posting opinions and statements on various topics and to access the portal in all the languages of the world.

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At first the portal was supposed to build in Flash Technolog. After later analysis there were implemented changes and portal was based on PHP/AJAX/Flash technologies. The entire engine of the side was created in the PHP technology.  For better view we used AJAX technology. Flash mainly was used for reconstructing films, the registration of videorecordings and creating inscriptions to films. All data was stored in the database MySQL.

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System modules

System has a lot of modules. He is divided into part forr users and for administrators. In the service users are divided into groups and they have W different rights. There are groups like: unregister and register users, moderators, unconfirm and confirm translators, administrators. 


- mosaic with portraits and podcasts of people,
- mosaic with portraitsf users,
- searcher,
- users space.

- administration of users and rights,
- administration of films,
- administration of inscriptions and translations,
- administration of text,
- newsletter,
- statistics.

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The background of the service is mosaic with portraits of people of all world. The mosaic is dynamic, you can move , scroll, enlarge it. If user click on choosen person , he will be able to watch film about this person.

Player allowed to watch films, find another this person's film. if film has translation user can switch it on.

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Users mosaic

This module is similar to main mosaic. The difference is that there are recordings of service's users. All opinions are divided into thematic groups.

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There are to types of searchers. The engine is almost the same. The difference is that one is for search opinion about normal users and the second one for opinion about people.
Searchers  have filters like:
- categories and subcategories,
- keywords,
- places, languages, availability of translations,
- cloud of words.

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User module

Each registered user has its own "space". Number of functions were dependent on the user rights.


1.Posting an opinion / interview

Anyone can post their opinions on.

The opinion has categories and subcategories to group posted statement.

There are three ways to place interviews:

- insert a file with the video record,

-a recording using a webcam,

-insert text.


2. Translations
The service allows to translate everything that is in the portal to any language on the world. Depending on the rights, users can add subtitles to movies, which has been moderated by a person with the higher laws, or translatecontent on the site, which may allow in the future to share service in other languages.

We have used a system to create different versions of the same translation same like it was applied for the introduction of information in Wikipedia. With it user can see how his translations evolved and compare his translations with translations of other users.


3. News system
Module that allows communication between users via short message system.


4. Moderation
Only moderator and confirmed translators can access this module.

This allows users to manage opinions and translations posted by persons of lower rank.

In addition, this module allow the management of reported abuse.


5. My account
Settings system for user account.

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Managing users and rights

Administration allows you to manage all its members. This entails adding, editing and deleting users.

In addition, there are several groups of users. Each group is assigned the appropriate rights related with access to the individual modules. This module lets to add and delete the rights of the groups. 

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Management of videos and translations

Except the same moderators rights to manage video and translations module also allows users to add and manage interviews to posted in the main mosaic. Advanced system allows to display, grouping, filtering resource opinions.

Content Management Site

All information on this website are managed. Due to the possibility of translation into other languages, none of the content can not be placed statically on the page.

The administrator can also manage:

- words and static texts,

- page content,

- the entries in the guestbook,

- translation.

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Each user can sign in to a service subscription. Thanks to newsletter module administrator can manage signed users, create subscription and send it to different users. The administrator can create your own e-mail templates, which are used for sending subscription.

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The system has its own statistics system. Because the service is very large  , an individual solution   had to be applied. Statistics also offer the following information: 

- placed opinion,,

- translation,

- users,

- search engines,

- displayed opinions,

- how advanced is the site translation,

- etc.

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