LETTER OF REFERENCE FOR THE COMPANY:    NETTOM Tomasz Ziajka, ul. Świetlista 32 10-786 Olsztyn


Municipal Office of Olsztyn thanks NETTOM  for designing and implementing advanced Website based on a TYPO3 content management system. During the project's new website of the City Council NETTOM company has demonstrated professionalism and full engagement. When  creating  additional functionality and modules tailored to the needs of service, they have proven that they have knowledge of the latest technologies and standards used in Internet projects, and more. With a rapid response to any comments made by the team working on the project, process of creating the service went through  in a relaxed atmosphere. As a result of the cooperation we have received a functional website that allows us to provide information about the City Hall to the wide audience. Thanks to intuitive and easy to use content management system,  editing is not a problem, and the functionality of placing  media was enriched.

I heartily recommend the company as a professional, reliable Internet technology specialists.