For a company dealing with sales of fire alarm systems we have created a dedicated online store features with enhanced import and export data, and generating offers module to wholesale customers.

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The system aims:

  • import product information from external data source to an online store,
  • management of products details and store offer (News, Promotions),
  • providing information to users through the news and newsletters modules,
  • information management about the company's subsidiaries, with their placement on the map in order to facilitate contact with the company and the easy location of specific distribution points
  • allow to chosen customers to create and download files containing a quote from the products available on the website and the data given by customer.

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System modules

The system is divided into several modules, having different functionality.

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Translation module

This module allows to translate all the website content. Split the content into groups ( 'Units', 'Product Categories','Products', ;Static Content', etc.) allows to quickly find content that we want to modify. 

Available languages which can be used in the service are also defined by the site administration.

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Subpages Content Management

This module allows the creation of subpages structures (trees) for the roots such as 'About us', 'Prices', 'Downloads', 'Marketing', 'Jobs', 'Help'.

All branches of these structures can be hidden before the publication on the site.

Integration with the translation system makes all content translatable.

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Data import/eksport

As part of this module includes features such as:

  • import information about products, customers, producers from CSV files,
  • export product information from the store to CSV files,
  • reports on recent activities (import, export).


Data import may take place in one of three modes:

  • update - modifies only data products (consumers, producers) found in the store database,
  • add new - adds information not found in the store database,
  • update and add new - a combination of these two.


Export product information can be submitted in the form of CSV files tailored to the customer database application, or in the full form.

Its form allows to extract information from each categories, subcategories, products types.

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Products managing

This extended module allows for data management not only products, but also products categories, products groups (used in the calculation of rebates), alternative and related products.

The product categories can be linked (tree structure), each product can have specific fields describing the products from the category.

All categories and products can be hidden before displaying on the page. This allows to publish only complete information.

Logged in store customers can see products prices with discounts. 

Information about products loaded into the system through the import can be modified, and products not found in the import files can be added manually.

This module also allows to create groups of promotions and special offers, and to assign them to the products offer from the store.

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Customer Management

In addition to the management of the customer details, management of discount groups is also available. Discount groups are defined as a set of discounts for each product group.

User can have special attributes that enable him to use offers generator module. 

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Basket module

Standard functionality basket of the online store has been updated with the ability to store basket profiles.

Order is sent to the nearest distribution point, the customer receives confirmation of order registration in the system by e-mail.

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Offers generator

This is a module that allows customers to select the products available in our online shop and to build offer for user's clients. It is possible to assign to products prices with margin and additional information about the customer.

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Banner module

Banners may be placed in the form of images (jpg, png, gif) or swf animation.

After clicking on the banner, you will be transferred into defined for the image (animation) link.

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Map module

In addition to the presentation of companies branches on google maps, it is also available to place them on their maps made in flash technology.

Administration allows you to define the region and position on the map for each branch resulting in a backlight area displayed the name of the province and a branch located in the province.

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News and newsletter

News module allows you to transfer the latest information about this company in the form of list.

The newsletter system gives the ability to send an interesting information about the offer on visitors e-mail address after registration.

Both of these module are integrated with the translations. 

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