An application which allows to enforcing budgets of dealer points and consolidating them on levels of the concession, the country and the entire group. Similar functionality to excel application, apart from model calculations  which are inscribed on a permanent basis.
The project was divided in two phases. First phase present the engine and implements the first tables for entering data. Second phase optimizes  the speed of action and adding bookmarks consolidating all calculations.

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Types of the service users

The data capture was divided in 4 levels:

  1. Dealer point.
    This is the lowest point, it represent the car showroom  in which cars are being sold. Users of this level can input data and watch its consolidation only for this car showroom.
  2. The concession.
    This level groups a few salons, mostly from the same city. Users can enter this level, and consolidate its own data and data belonging to the points included in the concession.
  3. Country.
    This level groups all the concessions in the country . Users of this level can consolidate data for country and all lower levels.
  4. Group.
    At this level,  it is possible   to edit all the tables at all levels and make the consolidation of all entities included in the service. The Group is only one.

For each dealer point / concession / country or group may have multiple users, each with its own password, but having the same rights. 

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The data inserting

Entering data takes place in the browser using a table-like tabs excel.
After click on editable input box appears to input the data. 

When you click any other field, currently edited field is automatically saved. Pressing Enter causes the conversion of all values. For higher level tabs calculating can take several seconds, therefore the calculation does not take place automatically after each value change . In the case entered an incorrect number, the field is restored to its original state. In one of the tables, there is   added possibility to enter any number of rows. Each row defines a single investment for a given unit. At higher levels of investment, the lower levels are shown grouped by origin. Also there are rows to input investment of each level.

In another table used to the consolidation there is shown one column for each selected unit at lower level. In one of the rows of this table, it is necessary to enter data for each such column. 

Consolidation of the budget

Consolidation is carried out by selecting the units to be consolidated and selecting a consolidating bookmark. All the units under the unit to which the user is logged in are selected by default.

Some of bookmarks apart from the data capture are demonstrating also a consolidation of loweer levels given from bookmarks.

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Since the application will be used in entire Europe, it was important so that also persons not saying for English could use it and/or French. In this destination in back office a module letting translate labels used in the entire service into any language was put, as well as for adding and removing individual tongues. Each of users has the assigned tongue and after log on can see the interface and tables in language appropriate for oneself.

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Export & Printing

It is possible to export the Excel files and to print every of bookmarks. To export it is also possible all bookmarks for individual from the given level or from subordinated units given.

In exported files a headline determining which units were taken into account is in an export. It is possible thanks to that to do partial balance sheets. 

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