is a modern social networking site for students and graduates of the University of Warmia and Mazuria in Olsztyn, scientists and businnesmans from Warmia and Mazuria.

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System modules

The system can be divided into standard TYPO3 CMS modules, such as:

  • sub-pages content management,
  • news module,
  • content search engine,
  • newsletter,
  • gallery.


and modules that were written or adapted by us:

  • module randomly display some content `s boxes,
  • forum module,
  • chat module,
  • blog module,
  • e-Learning registration module,
  • e-learning system,
  • multimedia integration system with Dailymotion system,
  • contact form  module.

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Subpages content management

Allows you to place content into various subpages. Content can be placed through the RTE editor, which allows text formatting. We have a choice between many other types of content such as a wide range of media that can be put in the content or additional extensions. In addition, we can set a time limit to display specific content and manage the translation of texts.

Website is divided into several blocks, the content on theese blocks does not change for all site. These include:

  • logo
  • header
  • 2 information blocks
  • small logo
  • footer
  • permanent menu on the right side contains a recent news module in the e-learning category and selected videos

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News module

Allows to update news list by adding new entries. We can setup the display duration of the news and the date when the entry is automatically go to the archive. In addition, news is divided into categories, which allows easier separation of the entries we are interested.

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Content search engine

Allows simple and easy way to find interested content. Search result is displayed as a resulting list with links to specific sub-pages that contain content you searched for. We can also use the advanced search that allows you to narrow your search.

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Users have the possibility to sing into newslatter, so they will be informed about important events.
Administration newsletter is to fill the email content and to select the target group. There is also sending e-mail statistics.

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Allows user to create albums and to add images. Images are presented on the list with additional information about them (if the information has been inserted). There's also a photo view available in original size that can be seen through the lightbox library.

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Random content block display module

We also have the ability to define the content changing randomly. Content consists of two blocks, which form a pair. It means that whole pair of blocks are changing , allowing you to better match the content of the two blocks. By adding new pairs we increase the diversity of appearance of the parties.

Forum module

This is a module for registered users of the site who use it will be able to contact each other and discuss the existence of a service-related subjects, grouped into categories. All entries are subject to moderation which allows for the maintenance of order in the content.

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Chat module

Allows for real-time contact with other logged users.

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Blog module

With this module editors can share their observations with the internet users and receive comments. Commenting users must fill out the form with the anti-spam protection, then a comment must be approved by a moderator.

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E-Learning signing up module

It allows users to efficiently manage e-learning. To secure we have choosen the activation link sent by e-mail.
We also have the ability to print contracts already filled in pdf format.

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Media integration module with Dailymotion system

Easy tool that allows for embedding Jukebox, Videozap applications and individual films available in the Dailymotion service.

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Contact form module

The standard contact form upgrated by 'ReCaptcha'anti-spam protection.

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