%Zend Framework

  • framework designed to create web applications in PHP
  • developed by Zend Technologies and a group of independent developers
  • Solid technical support
  • distributed in accordance with the principles of open source
  • 100% object-oriented
  • constantly improved its own modules that are responsible for the security of the application
  • companies like Google, Microsoft cooperate with Zend Technologies providing interfaces for developers


%Symfony Framework

  • One of the best frameworks currently available on the market, still being developed and supported by a large community of developers
  • Provides a wealth of professional, modern and secure solutions
  • Incredibly powerful and flexible
  • Ideal for small applications and large Web-based systems
  • The technology used by the largest companies in the world such as the BBC and CBS
  • There are no limits!
  • Very good technical support developers Symfony


  • object-oriented programming language designed for creating Web-based systems
  • the most common language used to create web applications (approximately 75% of all web pages in 2012.)
  • available on both Unix and Windows
  • has a library that enables cooperation with different databases, mail servers.
  • allows you to create / modify images
  • dynamically developing language
  • its implementation does not require large amounts of money as in the case of web applications based on .NET technology


  • Compatible with all browsers
  • The ability to create customized pages responsive to all desktop and mobile devices
  • Built-in audio / video player
  • The ability to create animations without using Flash
  • The new system Cache and Cookies
  • improved SEO
  • geolocation support


%TYPO3 CMS System zarządzania treścią

TYPO3 is a content management system (CMS). Its main advantages are:

  • the possibility of using a simple party as large portals
  • support for multiple sites through one management panel
  • free license - open source
  • Advanced text editor
  • Multilingual both the admin and user pages
  • adapted to support HTML5, CSS3 and mobile devices
  • multi-level user management and permissions
  • the ability to install and create an unlimited number of plugins and modules
  • versioning of content
  • SEO management (positioning) page
  • among other things, a system implemented in the WWF, Lufthansa, Airbus, Airfrance, Sony Entertainment, American Express

%Cloud based applications

The development of technology in the cloud is associated largely with the search for savings. The cloud offers the flexibility to use server resources, thanks to the active power allocation.

  • The availability of data from various types of equipment, devices,
  • Easily transfer data between servers and storage media through the use of virtual technology,
  • Eliminating the need to maintain data on their own hardware,
  • Parameters allocated dynamically - RAM, CPU, disk space,
  • increased computing power at a certain time - a solution that is especially good for sites that in a very short time, increase the activity of users visiting the site, which greatly borne by the system,

%Responsive Web Design

Responsive design means the website that automatically adjusts to the resolution of the screen where it is displayed. Number of mobile devices - smart telephones, tablets is growing. Advantages of creating responsive websites:

  • Facilitated watching - adapted font sizes make it easy to view images side by the users of mobile devices
  • Potentially increased number of visitors - if your website is responsive user theoretically at any time to look at it using mobile devices
  • Savings - you do not have to invest in a separate, dedicated applications for mobile devices
  • Trendy image - as long as the Polish market is only a few sites responsive, deciding on such a potentially overtaking their competition

%Big Data

Storage and handling very large amounts of data through technology "Big Data" is no longer a problem, so a large amount of data needs to be very careful study, which is necessary to provide appropriate solutions. Here are some of the advantages of technology-based applications "Big Data":

  • Larger data analysis capabilities
  • With the right data analysis is streamlined decision-making process in the enterprise
  • The analysis of large data sets is crucial in protecting against cyber attacks and their detection
  • Monitoring customer behavior on the Web page in real time
  • Collecting data from CRM, ERP, BI and loyalty