Extranet / Intranet

Extranet and intranet are systems that allow to exchange the information throughout  the web.  The main difference between these two systems is  that intranet is limited to a small group of people (eg employees). The purpose of creating intranets and extranets systems is making company resources available to other organizations (companies) or other clients. In this way, company clients can read the company's offer and the company can cooperate with other companies with ease. In the past intranets were operated in the closed internal networks of companies. Nowadays intranet goes outside the company (you can log in to company resources from the internet such as through a login and password, or through a more advanced security solutions).  Most such systems are created individual because each company has its own needs and requirements.

We have created 28 intranet and extranet systems so far.

Intranet system for University of Warmia and Mazury

Case studies for the intranet system of the University of Warmia and Mazury
PA intranet

Extranet system for the largest printery in Warmia and Mazury

Case studies for the extranet system, for the largest printery in Warmia and Mazury
Hakus ekstranet


Application calculating the budget for Renault

Case studies for application that calculates a budget for Renault