For a company dealing in the sale of stickers that have modified an existing online shop based on a shoper system.


The aim of made modifications was the addition of tools to better adaptation of offer to customer needs, service diversity review and simplification of system administration.

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Graphic layout adjustment

In order to facilitate browsing service users with monitors of various parameters, we have tailored graphics to be stretched with the browser window. This allows users to make full use of the browser window.

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Products size management module

The administration of products size is limited to set minimum and maximum value for money, width and height of the product.

This simple operation and activate the module for the sticker invokes the sliders, which allow the user to select the interesting size. Changing the slider calculates the price of the selected size.

All these modules are combined with a basket and ordering module.

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Products color management

Color module has been added to the system. Administration is to create a color list (pictures or values HEX), which can be assigned to each product separately. This operation allows the user to select one of the color in which there is a sticker.

This module is also integrated with the existing functions of the basket and orders.

Imposing patterns on the image

Customers are allowed to loading images, for which they can impose a shape of the product, so the customer is able to better imagine the sticker. Position and size of the pattern can be changed allowing an exact match for loaded photos.