Expression of thanks for creating a web page based on the TYP03 content management system.

The Regional Chamber of Solicitors in Olsztyn would like to thank NETTOM for their professionalism in creating a new webpage based on the TYP03 content management system. Thanks to the well organised work with real engagement and openness to the client’s needs, the project was completed on time and fulfilled all the criteria.

The new system was additionally complemented with non-standard newsletter and e-card modules. Moreover, thanks to NETTOM’s help, a complete transferral of all data from the previous programme was made possible.

Nettom services are particularly useful for all people who need the latest solutions and professional approach to customer needs.

A big thank-you for completing the website for the Great Christmas Charity Orchestra.

The Great Christmas Charity Orchestra fundraising is well and truly over. On Sunday January 8 2012, we raised enough money to purchase the latest equipment to save the life of prematurely born children as well as insulin pumps for pregnant women with diabetes. Thanks to the generosity of people’s hearts, in Poland and 16 other countries, The Great Orchestra managed to collect over 50 million PLN.

In Olsztyn alone almost 370,000 PLN was raised, which means the previous year’s record was beaten by 50,000! I hope that this money will soon return to our town in the form of new equipment to save the lives of children.

To a significant degree this success is a result of everyone’s contribution and effort I would like to personally thank everyone for their help during the ceremony summarising the 20th Great Orchestra finale in Olsztyn.

A big thank-you to Nettom.

We would also like to thank Nettom for standing by us – now for the 20th time, which is fantastic and will soon turn into a very concrete help for children’s hospitals in Poland.

Official reference for completing the WWW website for the Olsztyn City Council.

The Olsztyn City Council would like to thank Nettom for designing and initiating the website portal based on the TYP03 content management system. During the creation of the new website for the City Council, Nettom demonstrated professionalism and total commitment. During the creation of additional functions and modules adapted to service needs, Nettom demonstrated they have the knowledge of the latest technology and standards for Internet projects and beyond. Thanks to the swift response to all queries by the Nettom project team, the completion of the website ran in a friendly atmosphere. The collaboration resulted in a fully functional website that allows for transferring information on the City Council as well as Olsztyn itself to a wide group of people. Thanks to using the intuitive and simple system of managing content, the editing of texts is not a problem, while the possibility of uploading multi-media files can only enrich the Council webpage.

I sincerely recommend Nettom as a professional, reliable specialist firm in Internet technology.

A big thank-you for completing the Internet website for the Centre of Innovation and Technology Transfer.

I would like to sincerely thank you and all the Nettom team for completing a professional website for the business project at the University in Olsztyn for the Centre of Innovation and Technology Transfer, financed by the European Social Fund.

At the same time I would like to praise the professionalism and the high standard of work commissioned, in particular the swift response to every need to modify the website. Recognition should also be given for the experience shown and professional expertise of the latest standards and best practice related to the creation of modern websites.

Thanks to the high level of commitment shown by the team from Nettom, there arose a fully functional webpage for the project (, which enables on-going comm

I can wholeheartedly recommend Nettom to everyone that may be looking for modern solutions and reliable service in designing and initiating Internet services.

A big thank you for creating a web page for the Franco-Polish Centre in Olsztyn.

On behalf of the Franco-Polish Centre in Olsztyn I would like to thank NETTOM for its commitment and effort in creating our webpage. Thanks to installing the CMS TYP03 system and conducting training in its use, the process of up-dating the content, which we wish to pass on to users, was significantly simplified. This programme also allowed for a user-friendly management of text translation, a key function of our Centre’s website

Nettom has shown to be hugely knowledgeable in the creation of Internet sites based on content management systems. I recommend Nettom as truly competent consultants and a reliable team.

Official reference for creating Internet systems and tools.

Warsaw, 27 March 2009

Partnership for Road Safety conducts projects aiming at improving the safety of road traffic in Poland. The Internet is one of the most important communication channels, which the Partnership uses to inform the public about its activity.

From March 2007 the Partnership has been collaborating with Nettom, which is a reliable provider of IT solutions to a high standard. We collaborated for the first time on the World Road Traffic Safety Day (April 2007) project, which demanded a swift and professional preparation of an attractive website for young people. The project was a success, also in terms of the tools created by the Nettom team.

This good work on the part of Nettom led us to undertake permanent collaboration, commissioning Nettom the creation and service of our Association website. It is based on a functional and simple to administer CMS, which enables an easy addition of data to the website. This system has among others, an integrated newsletter system that makes possible permanent communication with Internet users visiting our website. I would like to add that the Nettom team reacted very swiftly at every stage where modification to the webpage was necessary. On the basis of work completed by Nettom I wholeheartedly recommend them to everyone that expects innovatory solutions and openness to a client’s needs.