For the web service of City Office we performed Typo 3 extension using Google maps. It contains the street search form, shows the route between two points with specific 'by car' and 'on foot' type of transport and contains the base of all major facilities in the city divided into categories (chemists, cinemas, for lady-in-waiting, restaurants...) with additional search form.

Public transport connections search was the most considerable problem. Google service allows to search for such information, but doesn't share it with other applications so we had to create the own solution based on the location of stops and the list of connections exported from the system used by the public transport. Our algorithm is similar to the Google one, it finds the route to the closest stop and finds the most convenient connections.
In the map objects list we added a system allowing to show roadworks including which directions the traffic may be blocked (for example only one lane is blocked ).

The map is shown above the page content without reloading the browser, so it is possible to quickly locate the address of some event described on the website, with no need to leave the article. We also added a possibility of putting links to chosen maps in the articles content.

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The streets search form:

The objects search form:

The public transport search form:

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Objects administration:

Object adding, with area object type:

Roadworks adding, start and stop dates allows to automaticly hide objects when they should not be visible:

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