We have created an intranet system for Academic Entrepreneurship . The system will facilitate and assist the exchange information between instructors and students.

The system administrator or employee inserts information about training, assigns it to lecturers and students. System administrator can also see the schedules of all training courses, lecturers and students.

Teacher has the ability to upload the files for students. Students are allowed to view the information about the training. All users are able to generate PDF files for their own graphics. The system also has a module for sending messages.

Whole system will be further expanded with new modules.

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The project aim is to enable managing the training online. Online managing gives the possibility of making changes in training, visible immediately by logged lecturers and students. The main target of the system is to give students possibility to download training rotas and materials for lectures.

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System modules

The system is divided into three modules:
- administrator module,
- lecturer module,
- student module.


1. Administrator module.

When you log in, the administrator have access to information about students, faculty, and trainings. Administrator can add, edit or delete administrator, employee, teachers, and students accounts. He set a password for all users of the system. After each addition, user receives a message with the data to sign.

The administrator has the ability to send information to individual users and to any group of users or participants in the selected training as well. The administrator has access to editing training. He can add, modify and delete training. Each training consists of lectures. Administrator assigned to the training lecture, then a lecturer for the lecture. Above operations creates a transparent training rota. The administrator has access to the training rota, where he can download a pdf file with a list of training rota or training's students.


2. Lecturer mode.

After logging in, a professor has the ability to edit his details and the ability to upload materials to the ongoing lectures.

In the Training panel  lecturer has an access to see details of the training, which is assigned to. It can download training rota, students list of in training and his own training rota. Lecturer can send messages to individual students or for all participants in training.



3. Student module.

After login, student has the ability to edit his details and he has access to information about assigned training.

Student in the Training menu student has access to the training rota, which can be downloaded in pdf file format. He has access to to materials posted by the instructor to lecture. Student can also send message to the lecturer.

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