System for Tire Warehouse combines features of the company's website and online store.

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System modules

The system can be divided into standard CMS modules:

- content Management of sub-pages,

- news module,

- newsletter.


and online shop modules:

- advanced search product engine,

- management of products and inventory,

- user management,

- the integration wiht Skąpiec service,

- the integration wiht Ceneo service.


The system allows to easy editing pages information in the service, sending the latest information to users subscribed for a newsletter and adding the interesting news.

The shop has an advanced product search engine, shopping basket module and the ability to purchase products online. Products from the offer are also available on the Ceneo and Skąpiec websites, which allows users to compare prices from different offers.

All this is managed through an easy service administration system.


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News module

The module has the basic news management system to add / edit / delete / hide.

News are displayed on the main page of the website.

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Advanced product search engine

Search engine works in three modes. We can search the tires by typing attributes such as brand, size, index, and additional attributes.

The other two modes are used for wheels search. For the steel wheels we can define: the vehicle make and model, vehicle year or wheel catalog number. Alloy wheels can be searched typing: the type of mounting, the diameter, the manufacturer or model of the rim.

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Products list

On the products list we have such information as:

- product miniature,

- attributes enabling the product identification (manufacturer, size),

- price - if the price was given in euro, it is converted into polish currency PLN, the conversion mode can be dynamic (the average ratefrom the Natiolan Polish Bank) or by defining the average euro exchange rate,

- information about warehouse stock,

- a field to add product to the basket.


Product list is created on the basis of information about products from different warehouses. If the same product is available in more than one store, product is chosen for the lower price.

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Ordering module

Service has an ordering system that allows registered and unregistered users to purchase the products. User can specify a payment and shipping form and make changes in his basket.

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Integration and other web services

This module allows to generate files that are used by external prices compare engines, such as CENEO and SKĄPIEC. We can choose which products shoud to be found in these files.

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