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Corab - Photovoltaic fastening systems


The Corab company was founded in 1991. Since its inception Corab engaged in satellite technology in the production, distribution and use of satellite platforms worldwide. Corab is currently the undisputed leader on the Polish market for satellite and occupies a significant position in the global markets. The company Corab has become an important manufacturer of photovoltaic mounting systems in the country. Modern technological solutions allows panels installation on the roofs or any type of soil.




  • the creation of a system to facilitate the selection of photovoltaic fastening systems
  • implementation of algorithms for defining the elements needed to create structures
  • automate the process of creating installation kits for the customer
  • creating an easy way for the processing of statistical data
  • optimization of orders under customer requirements



  • support the process of creating the order of the system and its acceleration
  • improving communication Corab of cooperating companies
  • minimizing the time needed to select the right mounting kit



  • management module elements within the form and links between the options of form elements
  • algorithm for determining the amount and length required for the order rails
  • Snooping entered by the customer steps in real time
  • import a list of products and prices from an external system
  • Defining sets and pairing them with combinations of elements form
  • form available from the browser, allowing you to generate orders
  • multipath form front
  • Shipping email with the order to the administration
  • Validation of compliance fields
  • algorithm selection of ready-made boxes of items to order


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  • 2136
  • Realisation date :
  • 25/05/2015
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