Content Management Systems

We use content management systems (cms) in most projects. The main task of the cms is to separate content (site information content) from presentation (the manner of its presentation). With this solution content management system allows for quick and easy modification of content by the site owner. Changing of the graphic concept is reduced to conversion of the template (called skins).

CMS systems can be divided into:
1. Ready to use (open source) - most are created and supported by a special groups of programmers. Thanks to users who are working on their development, these applications become more secure, functional and easy to use. We can mention such systems as Typo3, Drupal, Joomla.

Typo3 CMS system

2. Individual - where the customer has unusual requirements which are difficult to use standard CMS system. We use our own solutions, previously consulted with each client.

Administration of social networking site


We have created over 100 projects both with ready and our own CMS systems.