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Public kindergarten in Barczewo


Public Kindergarten in Barczewo


Project goals:

  • facilitate communication between Kindergarten and parents;
  • improving the calculation of the length of stay of children in kindergarten;
  • streamlined to make fees for kindergarten;
  • easier calculation of working time of employees;
  • improving the work schedules of employees.



  • easier management of Kindergarten;
  • faster and more transparent communication between Kindergarten and parents;
  • service fully adapted for use by people with disabilities.





Electronic document circulation system:

  • It allows the registration of incoming and outgoing correspondence;
  • It allows you to enter the name of the case - to give the date, time and the introduction of its status (taken care of / in progress);
  • It allows for communication within the nursery in real time between its employees;
  • automatic archiving of databases as files;
  • keeping records of work plans, relief;
  • keeping records of additional, ie. the complaint, the conclusions;
  • the ability to define tasks / commands and the ability to transfer their implementation to individual employees;
  • the ability to generate a standard response to the letters coming on the basis of formulas in the system;
  • keeping schedules for employees of the nursery;
  • Platform works with e-services.


The e-services, by which the parents free of logging in, they have access to:

  • e-announcements, information on kindergarten, celebrations and upcoming events;
  • e-information, menu, schedule additional classes;
  • e-meetings, mailing planned meetings with parents, can select feedback about their presence, or not present at this meeting;
  • e-contact, communication with the management and teachers of the groups- parent is informed by a confirmation e-mail delivery;
  • e-presence, attendance while monitoring the amount of working days lost by a child in a given month;
  • e-receivables, control of receivables associated with the presence in the nursery and catering can print the blank fees for kindergarten.


Card reader, the main features:

  • through magnetic card readers - is automatic timesheet and residence of workers and children;
  • recording length of stay of children in kindergarten, it allows for quick calculation of the fee for kindergarten;
  • Teachers groups have information about the number of children present;
  • kitchen has information about the number of meals to be prepared;
  • Accounting has the information necessary to calculate the monthly fee to have their child in kindergarten;
  • recording work time, recording and coming out, but also to go out and return business.


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  • 2196
  • Realisation date :
  • 16/06/2015
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