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As part of an Internet portal for rescue services, we created a website along with a content management system and a panel which enables the client to render training for its rescue staff and volunteers as well as for any individuals or groups interested in gaining new skills.   

The Internet portal, which was built from scratch, was based on the TYPO3 content management system. We enhanced the system with the following additional modules, as required by the client:

  • photo galleries with cataloguing options,
  • contact forms where each form was assigned a separate function,
  • system of managing banners and header graphics of all sub-pages,
  • system of publishing news, announcements, articles,
  • SEO service which allows to rank page content based on headers, descriptions and key words. 

The key application modules were grants and training reservations. Both modules were linked to relevant payment systems which enabled the client to make payments or receive donations directly through an Internet website.    

The abovementioned modules dedicated to grants and training were serviced from the administration panel level.  The expanded system allowed the client to:

  • manage users,
  • register and track grants provided via the Internet website and in the customer’s offices,
  • manage training, supervise individual sessions, verify the presence of individual participants,
  • monitor payments for training reservations,
  • produce diplomas, training cards, attendance lists,
  • manage the offices of rescue services and training locations,
  • review and verify applications submitted by volunteers,
  • operate a system of e-mail notifications sent, for example, to inform about the registration of a new user, a new reservation, availability of new training or its change, expiry of an awarded diploma. 


  • ID:
  • 1785
  • Realisation date :
  • 23/04/2012
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  • Dynamic website |
  • Industries:
  • Medical |
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