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Olsztyn's Citizen Budget



Office of the City of Olsztyn



  • Extension of the existing voting system, in order to facilitate use by Internet users or by voters within the project budget



  • A new kind of voting system "single vote". So far users could choose different projects from among many, now with a number of projects users may choose only one.
  • Development of user registration module sms. So far confirm the user registration took place via e-mail. Now sms module send code to activate on the user's phone number.
  • Simplifying the registration process - you had to have an account to vote, now it's the quick registration without creating an account.
  • Option age verification, the ability to manage administrator.
  • Improve Visual proposed by the customer.



  • Accelerate and facilitate the use of the Portal Internet users through the confirmation sms
  • The ability to vote for only one project without thinking about other projects



  • ID:
  • 2166
  • Realisation date :
  • 13/11/2015
  • Categories:
  • Dynamic website |
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