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Company dedicated to supplying bakeries, confectioneries, gastronomy and ice cream parlors in the extras bakery and confectionery.







  • Implementation of the new website
  • Modernisation graphic
  • Creating a new system for handling content






  • Improved company's identity
  • refreshed page
  • product promotion




MAIN FEATURES Application:


  • Modularity allows for adding new functionality of the service
  • Content management, news, galleries, module categories and products
  • Adds new capabilities to the customer in the form of certificates, pdf files that are thrown into the administration panel for various products (the date of certificates that will expire are not removed but hidden as archival certificates)
  • Facilitate the use of the system
  • New modern graphic style



  • ID:
  • 2157
  • Realisation date :
  • 13/11/2015
  • Categories:
  • Dynamic website |
  • Industries:
  • Food |
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