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"Jubirex" is the largest company of Warmia with 25 years of experience in the jewelry industry.




The project was preceded by NETTOM study the client's needs, designed to clarify expectations and outcomes. Based on the data collected, NETTOM established information architecture and how to navigate within the two-way communication. It was necessary to contact the supplier of the external system to handle jewelry stores Jubileo. The next step was to design and visualize the functionality established with the client process in accordance with the requirements of the business and our strategy marketing.









  • synchronization of online sales with shops stationary and with external dedicated industry jubilerskiej- Jubielo;
  • bidirectional communication at the time of purchase.






  • 30 days of full integration of the sales of fixed-line and Internet - the time from design to implementation;
  • another modern sales channel;
  • improving communication between the stationary shops;
  • better orientation in the inventory;
  • optimization of inventory stationary shops;
  • confusion and misunderstanding minimized;
  • elimination of errors caused by the so-called. Human factor;
  • ceding to NETTOM communication with the supplier Jubileo, in the area of ​​connection with our solution.






  • Internet sales is performed in synchronization with the control panel and stationary shops - used protocol SOAP- after each action is sent the information to a central computer, and there is updated online stock
  • Oracle-word konstrukcja- synchronization non-homogeneous databases from different vendors;
  • the ability to work the store when outages Internet;
  • communication dwukierunkowa- shop <-> panel <-> satellites;
  • configured online store with shopping carts, payment on line, a kind of shipments;
  • online shop supplemented the products from the system Jubileo;
  • know what and when changes in plus / minus in stock as a result of the sale / expulsion / purchase in local stores and online.



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  • 26/02/2016
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