Summary 2013/2014

Summary of 2013 ... in June 2014.

Year 2013 and beginning 2014 are evidence for the actually chosen Nettom development strategy.

Events 2013:

  • March: the participation and the exhibition at the Cebit fair;
  • April: establishing the cooperation from biggest in Europe with scientifically- Technological Park in French Lille (as the only IT company from Poland);
  • June: starting the service of the consulting connected with realization of IT projects, of audits; carrying out analyses and the tests of systems worth almost a 4 m PLN - after almost 800 our implementations - time for sharing the knowledge and experience;
  • July: birth (in the interval of the week) of Marta and Jan;
  • August: publications into the Developer's Journal Software: about Imports given from outside sources with the help of simple tools;
  • September:
    • continuation six-year of close cooperation from UWM in the practices. Employing 5 next programmers after selection of trainees of 2013;
    • cooperation with technological park Otaniemi, Finland;
  • October: we have been nominated for the European Business Awards in two categories: "The Award for Customer Focus" and "UKTI Award for Innovation".
  • November:
    • Chambre de commerce - from 2013 member of the French Chamber of Commerce in Poland, one of two companies of the Warmia and Mazury, and the only one of the IT industry;

Selected projects in 2013:

  • design, on which the work took three years for the largest network of teahouse in Switzerland remake of visual sets in the network, the implementation directory of an online store teas, a new page - all the latest trends so the above. responsive webdesign;
  • List my boat - boats entry system in;
  • The new site Olsztyn Planetarium;
  • The new portal of the museum in Olsztynek;
  • Olsztyn Days of Science - care system and its modifications;
  • Maison d'un reve - end of 3 months the migration of one of the major French stores e-commerce solutions for Magento closed, with special regard to the requirements for positioning 20 pages in search engines, commonly known as SEO;
  • Beginning of cooperation with the French store Arteslonga - modifications to adapt to SEO, introducing new sales functions;
  • New;
  • Our development ourselves pleasantly surprised - hundreds of tasks per day, and almost 20 developers began to be a problem for the standard project management tools - which is why, after 8 years of experience, we have developed proprietary ERP system is used to schedule tasks in scheduling, auditing, reporting and statistics.
  • The new ERP system for - wholesale bolts, nuts, washers, this is our second child. At the end of the year for almost three months we implemented order management system and customer service.

 Events in the first half of 2014:

  • January: StomilCup sponsorship, Poland's biggest youth tournament in football;
  • February: From February 17, 20 students, divided into 4 teams, under our care implements research and development projects in the field of rendering, video technology, artificial intelligence and the security of web applications. Render farm project received excellent evaluations themselves;
  • April: exit from the underground furnishing our new, soon air-conditioned, 200-meter office
  • May: The fruit of an agreement with the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn - The first edition of the program "Employer - an experienced advisor", in the period from 1 April 2014 to 30 May 2014.;
  • June: establishing cooperation executive for the Best SEO Company in France;

Selected projects the first half of 2014:

  • January:
    •  analysis of new projects in the field of debt collection and e-commerce, to facilitate the operation in the field.
    • After 3 months of analysis and documentation of the project Digital Signage time to start - Style Intouch;
  • February: the functional documentation potentially the largest in Poland, the e-commerce- crm'owego start extending the system based on SMS communication for Auchan;
  • March: The implementation of the "greatest" of our project. Accidental quotation marks - project is led programming systems for the largest mills in the world devilish our German customer, which are located in Europe and the USA (Las Vegas);
  • April:
    • agreement with the office of the City of Olsztyn mentoring project civil budget.
    • won the tender for the implementation of large e-systems for the municipality Jeziorany.
    • writing server applications fot android system, help in choosing a supplier for more than 1,500 tablet;
  • May: the implementation of two large portals fair in France based on bootstrapie and typo3 version 6.1 LTS;
  • June: the end of the year to implement version 1.1 operating system training for Civil Defense in Paris;
  • July: work on the next version v 1.2 and documentation for version 2.0 and helper applications.

Near future:

  • July: NETTOM opening of a branch in Warsaw;
  • July / August: realization of new projects for Douglas Poland;
  • July / August / September / October: new tasks and new projects as part of our long-term contracts with customers.

 The plan:

  • by the end of the opening of branches in France and Germany
  • outstanding launch startups in drawers;
  • increase the range of activities of Canada.
  • new projects and subsequent additional clients, trusted employees, we hope you will join our professional team.