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Protection Civile Paris


Civil Defense in Paris (PCP) is an association created under the Act of 1901, affiliated to the National Federation of Civil Protection (FNPC). Every year PCP supports in security and rescue equipment such events as the Paris Motor Show (Mondial de l'auto), Roland Garros, Paris Marathon (Marathon de Paris, the largest marathon in Europe), the festival Solidays (annual festival bringing together more than 150 artists giving concert to combat AIDS).









  • popularizing training emergency medical services;
  • facilitating our students access to training offer;
  • optimization of the service and its control within the system;






  • nearly 2,000 of the trainings;
  • more than 16.5 thousand students registered in the system;
  • 15,000 issued certificates;
  • a significant increase in sales training;
  • increase knowledge and skills in the rescue of civilians
  • Current data at the end of May 2015






  • available through a web browser management access restrictions;
  • adapted into mobile devices;
  • the ability to install in the cloud;
  • Advanced management of user groups;
  • advanced management training, divide into groups, types, relationships;
  • booking online training;
  • assigning training centers with the verification of vacancies and assigning trainers and verification;
  • invoices and corrections system;
  • support for multiple payment methods (PayPal, credit card, checks, cash, coupons, gift coupons), the story of the proceeds for each of them;
  • system purchase gift cards;
  • module donations for the association;
  • presentation training in the form of a calendar, divided into training centers presented on a map of Paris;
  • participant management, moving between groups, generate lists of participants, printing certificates, certificates;
  • automatic reminders for trainers, staff and participants of the dates of training and the expiry date of issued documents;
  • preview held and planned staff training, timing, results;
  • advanced statistics system, the presentation of the impact of training on the company's finances;
  • search training, coaches, participants, training centers, with the ability to export data;
  • module connection shopping with social networking;
  • training system connected directly with CMS;
  • extensive mailing system with full content management sent messages;



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